Siti Maemunah, Apsada Juhri, Mudjiarjo Mudjiarjo, Lira Agusinta, Yuliantini Yuliantini


The aim of the research was to determine the priority carriers of the five most frequently used carriers by the company. This study uses the AHP-TOPSIS (Analytic Hierarchy Process – Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solutions) method and a Likert scale as a comparison. Problem solving, researchers used qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Collecting data using interviews and questionnaires for AHP and Likert weighting, then secondary data on the company's achievement of carriers as the basis for TOPSIS data processing. The results of the comparison will be measured using the Hamming and Euclidean distance calculation methods. On the weighting of AHP into a Likert scale, Etihad results with a count of 15.37, followed by Qatar Air with a count of 12.71, then KLM Air with a count of 12.00, followed by Oman Air with a count of 11.29, then Emirates with a count of 10.64. The AHP-TOPSIS method obtained the results of Etihad with RC+ 0.64, followed by Qatar Air with RC+ 0.60, then Emirates with RC+ 0.51 value, followed by KLM Air with RC+ 0.46 value, then Oman Air with RC+ 0.45 value. The results show that Etihad came out as a priority carrier with the highest value at the truth degree of 83% Hamming distance and 0.80 Euclidean distance.


Determination of Carrier Priority, Analytic Hierarchy Process

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